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The iconic show may be gone from Netflix, but you can still channel your inner Phoebe in San Diego. While San Diego’s beer scene gets most of the attention, our coffee house selection is just as exciting! These are just a few spots worth hanging out in, alone or with your group of caffeine-loving friends.


Jennings House Cafe | Point Loma

If you’re anything like clean freak Monica Gellar, you love playing host. A cozy, welcoming environment is important to you. You’ll feel right at home at Jennings House Cafe in Point Loma: this historical residence turned coffee shop makes everyone feel like family. Get some serious work done upstairs in the library, or chit chat in the parlor, soak up some sun out front on the veranda, or in the back patio. Monica would also approve of the menu, too. Breakfast includes scrambles, bagels and benedicts, free refills on drip coffee, and there’s even homemade marmalade. How quaint is that?


AT Coffee House | La Jolla

When Chandler’s not working hard at…wait a minute…what’s his job again? A tran…transponster? Anywho, when he’s not hard at work, he likes to unwind with some coffee. Sip on your favorite blend at AT Coffee House in La Jolla, complete with an ocean view. Casual! Nosh on a pastry or breakfast burrito, or go for their over the top avocado toast, complete with feta, tomatoes and seeds. You may also feel the urge to make sarcastic comments about their Happy Moose Juice or bright blue butterfly pea flower latte, in true Chandler fashion.


The Invigatorium | East Village

If you thought ‘there’s no way San Diego has a dinosaur themed coffee shop, that’s crazy’…you’re wrong! The Invigatorium in the East Village was concocted by none other than Modern Times and Consortium Holdings, creators of beloved local haunts like Morning Glory and Raised by Wolves. Dinosaurs, a disco ball, tropical plants and – oh, right! – coffee, make The Invigatorium a creative place you’ll want to spend time in. Stop by in the morning for a cold brew and breakfast tacos, or in the afternoon for hard stuff at the bar.


Communal Coffee | North Park

Coffee and shopping: both perk up fashion-forward Rachel Greene. She would swoon over the ultra-feminine Communal Coffee in North Park. Inventive drinks like Rose Vanilla Lattes taste even better when you can peruse flowers, home decor, jewelry and more in this coffee and gift shop. The bright white space has healthy food options that are equally instagrammable: toast flight, anyone? Communal Coffee’s outdoor South Park location is just as adorable.


Lestat’s | Normal Heights

‘And the crusty old man said I’ll do what I can, and the rest of the rats played maracas!’ Cute and quirky Phoebe just loves an open mic night. If you’re into live music, check out Lestat’s on Adams Avenue. The Normal Heights coffee shop is located right next to Lestat’s West, known for their comedy and open mic nights. All three Lestat’s locations are open 24-hours, with a pretty intense drink menu. They’ve got everything from relaxing herbal teas to super sweet snickers and peppermint patty drinks, and green smoothies to chocolatey ‘polar freeze’ versions with espresso. Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock would approve!


Big Front Door | University Heights

Love-able Joey is a foodie, for sure. Joey doesn’t share food, but you might want to split a sandwich with a friend at Big Front Door. Grab a cup of Cafe Moto and maybe a churro muffin too, before digging in to the menu at this award-winning University Heights cafe. There’s more than 20 hot and cold sandwich options, ranging from the traditional club and caprese to ‘the monster’ with turkey, ham, bacon and a whole lot more. If you can’t decide if you should get a freshly baked cookie too, just think to yourself: What Would Joey Tribbiani Do?