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There’s something exciting about shopping for vintage goods. It might be the thrill of the hunt for that one special piece you can’t find anywhere else, or discovering a relic that’s back in style. Read on for a few of San Diego’s best vintage boutiques where you can find fun, funky, lived in duds and give them new life.

La Loupe Vintage

University Heights & Normal Heights

There’s eye candy in every square inch of both La Loupe Vintage stores. Specializing in late 1960’s through modern vintage, you can typically find denim, satin separates, velvet pieces and a jumpsuit or two. La Loupe also carries a healthy selection of clean beauty products, candles, tongue-in-cheek stickers from Stay Home Club, and similar gifts. Those with a soft spot for minimal, mod jewelry will have a field day here; from geometric earrings to oversized rings, you’re likely to find an ornament that belongs in your collection.

Frock You!

University Heights

The name may be assertive, but what’s inside is oh so sweet. Best known for vibrant dresses, Frock You carries both casual and dressy cocktail variations in cheerful prints and colors. You’ll also find shoes and handbags from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, with new additions featured on their Instagram page. That’s where you can also find out if the store is having a ‘huge frocking sale’ and get a discount on some throwback finds.

Hunt & Gather

North Park

Is festival fashion your everyday style? Find bright, bold clothing and accessories at Hunt & Gather, a boutique that sells items both old and new. You’ll usually find garb that resembles a costume from a 1960’s movie set: fur, glitter, embroidery, and neon attire are regularly in the rotation. Aside from vintage shoes and hats, Hunt & Gather also stocks over the top accessories from contemporary designers, including bedazzled sunglasses from Cookie Pop.

The Girl Can’t Help It!

North Park

After a successful 25-year run in London, the co-owners of The Girl Can’t Help It relocated to the North Park neighborhood in 2012. Serving up glamour with a capital ‘G,’ this offbeat boutique carries vintage styles from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. You’ll also find barware, accessories for men and women, jewelry and more. Channel your inner 1950’s party hostess in a cocktail dress or go for a laid-back 1970’s shirt dress, you’re likely to snag both here.

Bad Madge Boutique

South Park

Bad Madge curates vintage clothing and furniture galore in their South Park boutique. Their mid-century pieces are collected from private customers, estate sales, flea markets and more. You may find an elegant gown, a cozy ski jacket, retro jewels or California cool printed pants – it depends on the day! Walk among their classic furniture and home goods and step back in time, in style of course.